New Senior Member Guide

Once you receive your membership card, you must register with the GA Wing website and the National Headquarters eServices site. You must have a valid email address for both sites. Links to these and other important sites are also available on the homepage of this website.

Once registered on the GA Wing site, you will begin to receive CAP related messages regarding upcoming events and other news. Once registered with the national eServices site, you will be able to monitor and update personal information including Emergency Services qualifications and CAP pilot activities. These steps are critical for pilot privileges and ES participation. Click the button on the right to learn how to get started with Emergency Services.

All members must complete Level 1 training. This is your CAP orientation program and the first of CAP's five professional development program levels. First, review this document from the GA112 Professional Development Officer. Then, learn more about Level 1 here.

CAP forms, regulations, and other documents can be downloaded from the national website.

Commonly Used Acronyms and Abbreviations

CAPF - - CAP Form

CAPM - - CAP Manual

CAPP - - CAP Pamphlet

CAPR - - CAP Regulation

CAPT - - CAP Test

eServices - - Online facility for posting and maintaining personal qualifications. Administered by CAP National HQ.

SQTR - - Specialty Qualification Training Record. This is the form used to record training for specific specialty ratings. Maintain it in eServices under the "My Operations Qualifications" menu item. Bring a hardcopy to training events.

Form 101 - - This is your CAP Specialty Qualification Card (CAPF 101). You will need this to attend many training and operational events. You can print it from CAP eServices under the "My Operations Qualifications" option. For more information about your 101 card, see this document from the Georgia Wing website.

Form 5 - - Formally, CAPF 5, this is the paperwork required for the annual pilot checkride. Form 91 is the form used with the annual checkride required of Mission Pilots.

MyOpsQuals - - Short for My Operations Qualifications, the portion of eServices specific to your qualifications.

WMIRS - - CAP online aircraft scheduling system

Operations Qualifications, WMIRS, & eServices - 80-page document explaining the use of these online facilities

As you complete the steps in training, you should keep copies of any documentation that you submit along the way (CAP Forms, SQTRs, etc.). Files are kept for personnel, Emergency Services and Flight Operations, but your own files are the final backup if any documentation is lost.