Senior Member Promotions Guide

Ref. CAPR 50-17, CAPR 35-5

Senior members are encouraged to pursue advancements in rank. This page explains the basic process.

2nd Lieutenant

Complete Level I and submit CAPF 2A for the Membership Ribbon.
Complete 6 months as a Senior Member.
Submit CAPF 2 (Request for Promotion Action) to unit commander for promotion.

1st Lieutenant

Select a Specialty Track and notify the unit PDO of your selection.
Obtain approval from the Squadron Commander to begin work on your selected Specialty Track.
Download the appropriate CAP Pamphlet for your specialty track to guide your progress.
Achieve Technician rating in a Specialty Track.
Submit CAPF 2A to record date of Tech rating and submit CAPF 2A for the Leadership Ribbon.
Complete 12 months as a 2nd Lt.
Submit CAPF 2 to unit commander for promotion

Promotions beyond 1st Lt. require attendance in instructor-led courses in the organization of Civil Air Patrol. The first of these, Squadron Leadership School (SLS), is required as part of Level II (see below). All senior members are encouraged to take this course, regardless of their interest in advancing in rank.

The second of these courses is the Corporate Learning Course (CLC), and is required for Level III. Level III is required for promotion to Major.

SLS and CLC are both 2-day courses that are typically offered over the same weekend. Watch for email announcements from Wing HQ for upcoming SLS and CLC sessions.


Complete Level II.
Submit CAPF 24 to apply for Certificate of Proficiency.
Complete 18 months as 1st Lt.
Submit CAPF 2 to unit commander for promotion.




Professional Development
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