Documents and Manuals

National Headquarters: Regulations & Manuals - Pamphlets - Forms

WMIRS Instruction Manual (44 pages)

Mission Symbols - An Explanation
Air Force Mission Profiles

Flight Release Process - An Explanation
Airplane Questionnaire - Revised 2009
Aircraft Information Sheet - Cessna 172P
Aircraft Information Sheet - Cessna 182T/G1000
Operational Mission Inflight Guide (April, 2010)


CAPF 5 - CAP pilot annual Form 5 checkride document (June 2015)

Training Documents

Level 1 Training (August 2012)
Mission Observer G1000 Training Syllabus (August 2011)
VFR Pilot G1000 Flight Syllabus #1
VFR Pilot G1000 Flight Syllabus #2
The Zen of Mountain Flying (FAA Safety Briefing, May/June 2012)

Online Resources

Introduction to the G1000 Course - Take this prior to your CAP FITS training (pilots and observers)
CAP G1000 Training Portal
FEMA - National Incident Management System (NIMS) Courses

Aircraft and Systems Documents

Garmin G1000 Cockpit Reference Guide
Garmin G1000 Search and Rescue Guide
Garmin G1000 User Waypoints - 6 pages pulled from the G1000 Pilot Handbook (pilots and observers)

NPX138 Radio Operator's Manual - Manual for the older CAP radios.  This is the radio in  the 172.
Becker SAR-DF 517 - Manual for the previous generation Becker DF. This is the DF in 639CP, 990CP and others.
RT-600 User Manual - Manual for the new DF. This is the DF that is in 493CP.
TDFM-136 VHF/FM Transceiver - Manual for the newer CAP radios. This is the radio in 493CP, 639CP and others.

SEB-34-02 - Cessna service bulletin describing latest G1000 software updates (April, 2012)