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Cadet Uniforms


All uniform items must be genuine Air Force issue. BDUs may be Army issue since Air Force uses the same.

  • US Marine Corps BDUs may be used,except for the hat

Uniforms may be obtained, after you receive your CAP ID card, at the Military Clothing Store located at Dobbins Air Reserve Base in Marietta. Used uniform items can be substituted to reduce costs. There are many military surplus stores that carry used uniform items. Consult with unit administration personnel for recommended military surplus retailers.

Battle Dress Uniform (BDU)

Woodland Camoflage Pattern:

  • Shirt/Blouse
  • Pants
  • Hat, Air Force/Army Style
  • Combat Boots
  • Squadron tee shirt (new members)
  • Black tee shirt
  • Belt, blue web with black buckle, Air Force style


Class "A" and "B" Uniform:

  • Skirt (Female)
  • Pants (Male/Female)
  • Service Jacket (optional)
  • Flight Cap
  • Long Sleeve Shirt (Class A)
  • Short Sleeve Shirt (Class B)
  • Shoes, Oxford tie or pumps for Females (CAPM 39-1)
  • White v-neck tee shirt


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